Opinion Americana: TRUMP 2017-2020 ENG

Now available in electronic version at the Apple Book Store, and from Amazon. com in both paperback and Kindle editions. https://www.amazon.com/Opinion-Americana-TRUMP-2017-2020-Spanish-ebook/dp/B08K7MHBHT/

In this new book, The Riano Foundation presents the translations of President Trump’s three most important speeches: his inauguration speech, his report to Congress on the State of the Union after three years in power, and his last speech on the occasion of Independence Day.

Additionally, thirty opinion articles that, in chronological order, give us an idea of the issues with the greatest impact during his first four-year term, have been compiled and translated.

The book presents translations of articles by Gary Abernathy, David Ignatius, Henry Olsen, Nadia Schadlow, Marc A. Thiessen, and Fareed Zakaria, among others.

The list of original authors includes the names of some of the most important opinion writers in the American media, especially from The Washington Post.

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